Body Sculpting & Body Contouring

It’s easier than ever to achieve a healthy-looking, slimmer body, using modern body contouring treatments, and we know you want a solution that’s safe, effective and affordable.

At Aesthetix Brisbane we offer the latest in non-invasive body sculpting technology to ensure:

  • Safe and effective removal of stubborn fat deposits*
  • Reduction in the duration of treatment sessions*
  • Minimal discomfort and downtime*

*individual results may vary

Each body sculpting procedure will vary depending on your individual needs and the stubborn areas of fat that you want to target.

We invite you to book a free body sculpting consultation in our Brisbane clinic so we can personally assess your body contouring needs and provide you with a treatment plan.

Look Great, Feel Great With Body Sculpting

Sculp Sure body contouring

What is body sculpting?

Body sculpting is the process of reshaping your body to improve your appearance. There is a range of treatments available to sculpt your body, both surgical and non-surgical.

Even with diet and exercise, most adults have stubborn areas of fat that seem impossible to get rid of. Body sculpting can help change the contours of the body to create a more pleasing appearance.

How do you do body sculpting?

Body sculpting is performed using a range of different procedures, including both surgical and non-invasive body sculpting techniques.

Surgical approaches to body sculpting, also called body contouring, include liposuction, plastic surgery and tummy tucks.

There are also non-surgical body contouring treatments, including laser body sculpting, which use heating and cooling to reduce unwanted fat deposits.

In all procedures, the problem areas of the body are treated to reduce fat, reshape the skin or lift and restore a natural, healthy appearance.

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a breakthrough in non-invasive body contouring treatment that targets problem areas of fat, such as the abdomen and love handles, helping you achieve the shape you want.

The 25 minute procedure uses light-based technology to permanently destroy up to 24% of treated fat in targeted areas, with no downtime (1).

This light energy affects fat cells under the skin, which are broken down and absorbed into the body.

“We’re excited to offer this new, non-invasive fat reduction treatment to our patients. We treat love handles and the abdomen and remove unwanted fat effectively and efficiently. Our patients will love their results and appreciate how quickly the procedure can be performed.” Dr Russell Hills, Dermatologist, Aesthetix, Brisbane

What results do you get from body sculpting using SculpSure?

Achieving a slimmer, more sculpted body is possible with the help of SculpSure.

With the precision of our SculpSure body sculpting technology, we can target precise problem areas, reducing fat under the skin by as much as 24% in one treatment (1).

SculpSure is demonstrated to reduce stubborn fat in the belly, love handles, back, thighs, and under the chin.


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BA SculpSure B Katz Post1Tx 12weeks
Photo courtesy of B Katz
BA SculpSure B Katz Post1Tx 12weeks
Photo courtesy of B Katz
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Photo courtesy of S Doughety MD
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Photo courtesy of S Doughety MD

Who is body sculpting for?

Body sculpting is ideal for anyone who wants to drop a couple of dress sizes, or lose a few inches off their waist.

Good candidates for body sculpting lead a healthy lifestyle, and are in good physical health, with moderate areas of unwanted fat.

Body sculpting can be especially valuable when there are stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Body sculpting may not be suitable for individuals with a very high body mass index, or who are looking for a rapid marked change in body shape.

How much does body sculpting cost?

The cost for body sculpting with SculpSure with vary depending on the treatments required to reduce your problem areas of fat to the desired level.

When you speak to our dermatologist, Dr Russell Hills, or his registered nurse, they will plan a course of treatments with you to suit your individual body contouring needs, based on the number of areas to be targeted, the amount of fat present and the reduction required.

To find out how much your body sculpting treatment will cost, we suggest booking a free consultation to discuss your personal needs.

How many SculpSure body sculpting treatments will I need?

Most patients see results with as little as one body contouring treatment with SculpSure.

However every patient is different, and you may wish to have additional sculpting treatments based on your desired results, and the number of problems areas you wish to target.

Ask your SculpSure treatment provider about the best treatment plan for you, and how many body sculpting treatments will be required to achieve the results you want.

What should I expect during the body sculpting procedure?

The targeted area is marked, covered with lotion, and frames are attached securely using belts. The SculpSure applicators are then attached, and the 25-minute treatment begins. Up to 4 applicators can be applied at once, maximizing the treated area.

When the treatment starts, initially you will feel a cooling sensation. This helps keep the skin comfortable during treatment. The cooling will be on the entire treatment, while the laser cycles on and off, raising the temperature of the fat cells.

You are able to relax and read a magazine or browse your phone during the treatment.

Is body sculpting with SculpSure painful?

Body sculpting with Sculpsure delivers light energy to the fat cells under the surface of the skin, which produces a slight tingling sensation or a deep warmth throughout the treatment area.

These sensations are felt intermittently throughout the duration of the 25-minute body sculpting treatment and are generally well-tolerated (2).

What are the side effects of body sculpting with SculpSure?

After the 25-minute treatment is finished, you can resume your daily activities, as there is no downtime following treatment.

This means you can have the body sculpting treatment during your lunch hour and return to work immediately.

Sculpsure is generally very well tolerated with a tingling or minor discomfort felt in the treatment area, however more discomfort can be felt over a scar.

Sculpsure is not recommended in pregnancy or if there is a skin cancer or melanoma in the treatment area, immune conditions such as HIV and if there is significant scarring or a hernia present in the treatment area.

It is best to book in for a free consultation to assess your suitability for the procedure.

When will I see results from the body sculpting treatment?

Many patients start to see results as early as 6 weeks following the SculpSure body contouring treatment, as the body begins to remove the destroyed fat cells.

Generally, optimal results from SculpSure body sculpting are seen at 12 weeks.

If you choose to have multiple body sculpting treatments, you will continue to see improvements during the course of your treatments, and also following completion of your  treatments.

How long will the SculpSure body sculpting results last?

The body sculpting process that SculpSure uses laser technology to permanently destroy fat cells under the skin.

This means that those fat cells have been broken down and will not return, ensuring that your new sculpted body retains its new and improved appearance, provided that you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Is SculpSure body sculpting permanent?

The fat cells that are broken down by the SculpSure body sculpting treatment do not regenerate. They are destroyed by the pulses of laser light, and are gradually removed from the body following treatment, resulting in a slimmer, more sculpted appearance.

This means that the effects of the SculpSure body sculpting are permanent, as long as you continue to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Do you lose weight with body sculpting using SculpSure?

When we lose weight, our fat cells become smaller in size, but the number of fat cells in our body typically doesn’t decrease. Many people have difficulty losing weight in these trouble areas, even with diet and exercise.

The SculpSure body sculpting treatment reduces the number of fats cells in the body, particularly in the targeted areas, and those destroyed fat cells will never return. This means that those problem areas are less likely to store fat in the future, leading to a slimmer, more sculpted appearance.

Ready to explore body sculpting further?

For a no-obligation discussion on how our body sculpting treatments might assist you, please contact us on 07 3720 8788 or make an enquiry online. We look forward to speaking with you.


1 Single treatment with an average reduction in fat volume as measured by MRI; Clinic al and Histologic al Evaluations of a 1060nm Laser Device for Non-Invasive Fat Reduction, John W. Decorato, M.D., FACS. Rafael Sierra, Ph.D., Bo Chen, Ph.D., Westford, MA, 2014.

2 Average patient discomfort rating of 3.7 on a scale of 1-10; Bass L, Doherty S. Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Of The Abdomen With A 1060nm Diode Laser .Paper presented at: 2015 Annual American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery Conference; April 22-26; Kissimmee, FL.


  • Dr Russell Hills is an experienced cosmetic dermatologist based in Brisbane, Australia and is a member of the Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery. Dr Hills also has extensive experience in MOHS surgery for skin cancer removal, and is the principal surgeon at Aesthetix.

    Dr Hills regularly lectures on cosmetic surgery and skin cancer removal, and has numerous publications on these topics. He is a member of a number of Australian and American medical associations, and attends local and international conferences to stay up-to-date with the latest approaches in cosmetic medicine.

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